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In all my years of counseling, I can tell you something I’ve never heard. I’ve never talked to an adult who reported that while he was growing up his father worked all the time, but God filled in the gaps, and there was no residual relational or emotional damage. I’ve never talked to a mom who reported that her husband neglected his family for the sake of his career, but fortunately, God filled the void, and everything was fine.

Andy Stanley, “When Work and Family Collide” (pp. 29-30)

Whereas work is task focused, the family is relationship focused. One is about doing, while the other is about loving. In one environment we find our worth through accomplishment. In the other we find our value simply by who our relatives are. Work is about doing. Family is about being. The members of my congregation want me to show up prepared to speak. My family is happy if I just show up.

Andy Stanley, “When Work and Family Collide” (p. 22)

Before sin, before the fall of man, before the curse, there was work. God made man and placed him in the gardenĀ to work. From the very beginning, he intended for man to work. Before there was even a family to support, God put Adam to work. It was part of his original plan.

Andy Stanley, “When Work and Family Collide” (p. 21)