How to Assimilate New People into Small Groups

The regular part of a healthy and growing church means that new people need to be assimilated into existing small groups that the church has. As Small Groups Pastor at Rocky Hill Community Church we refer new people to groups every week! Below are some tips about how to assimilate new people into small groups. 


A. Quick Review of our “LIFE” LIFEGroup Culture at our Church


Our church calls our small groups “LIFE” groups. The L.I.F.E. each stands for a core value.

  • L = Learning – Instilling the Word of God.
  • I = Including – Assimilating new people.
  • F = Fellowshipping – Experiencing biblical fellowship.
  • E = Equipping – Preparing people to minister.

2. Four Practical Aspects to RHCC’s LIFEGroups

There are a few practical things we want each group to do as a way to maintain a healthy small groups.

  • Apprentice – Training new facilitator leaders. We want every group to have a facilitator and an apprentice or co-leader.
  • Empty Chair – Committed to outreach. Keep an empty chair visible as a reminder for the group to pray for the lost and unsaved person.
  • Unifying Question – Complimenting weekend worship, not replacing. This is a question we have the groups ask before the begin the meeting to tie the small group lesson into the big church sermon from the weekend.
  • Serving – Working together to serve our church and community. We want every group to serve once a year either inside our church or doing outreach.

3. Why Do Small Groups?