I’m doing a great work, so I can’t come

Today’s blog post is based on a very important Bible verse in the book of Nehemiah which has great implications for leaders. It is also one of my favorite verses from one of my favorite books of the Bible.

Example of a Wall

One of the reasons I love the book of Nehemiah is that it allows the reader to peek inside the heart of Nehemiah because it was written as a memoir from Nehemiah. Most of the books of the Bible tell about events that happened, but rarely do they tell about the thoughts and feelings of the biblical characters. However, because the book of Nehemiah was written as a memoir, we get to take a peek past what has happended and actually read about what Nehemiah was thinking and feeling.

The verse we are going to look at today is important for leaders because leaders need focus in order to work towards their goals. Without focus, they will allow themselves to get pushed and pulled to many different projects and initiatives within their organizations. When goals and objectives are clear for leaders, they are better able to focus their time and attention to get things done and make positive change.