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Trinitarianism: Jesus Christ Son of God

When I was twenty years old I read in a couple of books and heard it taught at a couple of conferences that Jesus Christ was the greatest leader to have ever lived. I thought to myself that if he was the greatest leader that ever lived and if I want to be a great leader, then I should study him and see what I could learn.

I began to read the Gospels to learn about who Jesus was and what he did. On my journey I had a New Living Translation Student Bible that my mom had given me several years earlier. I had not read it much. Honestly, I don’t know if I had ever opened it. But, when I was ready to read the Bible it was available so I opened it and began to read the Gospels about the greatest leader who ever lived.

Trinitarianism - Jesus Christ Son of God

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: “Holy Trinity” by Hendrick van Balen

My eyes were opened as I read story after story of this man who walked the earth doing miracles, teaching, and mentoring his disciples. I began to realize is that Jesus was not just a great leader, he was the Son of God.

Today’s post looks at how Jesus Christ was fully God and fully human. Whole books have been written about Jesus Christ, therefore this blog post barely scratches the surface. I hope it can serve as a spring-board for future study of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ Son of God

I. THE DEITY OF JESUS CHRIST[ref]This outline on Jesus Christ Son of God is adapted from some notes I received from J. Scott Horrell while I was a student at Dallas Theological Seminary[/ref]

Most conversations about Jesus affirm that he was a real human being that lived on earth. However, the one doubt a lot of people in the world have is if he was God. The fact that Jesus was God was clearly explained in Jesus’s own words, by the Gospel writers, and by the authors of the New Testament letters.

A. Explicit Testimonies

1. Jesus’s Own Words

During one of Jesus’s teachings in the Gospel of John he was telling the people about how Abraham looked forward to Jesus coming as Savior of the world (John 8:56). The people responded to Jesus that he was a young man and asked Jesus how he could have seen Abraham (John 8:57). Jesus answered them: