Grow the Size of Your Small Group Small Groups

Small Group Growth Tip #1 – Sharpen Your Facilitation Skills

In my early years of serving as a small groups pastor I often would talk to a person interested in joining a small group, refer him to the small group facilitator, then would find out that no one showed up for the group. Thus, I developed these ten tips because several of our groups had ten people sign up to be part of a group, then when the group was ready to start only two people showed up the first night.

10 Tips to Grow the Size of Your Your Small Group

Following these ten tips will increase the amount of people that show up for your small group.


“Do your planning and prepare your fields before
building your house.”
~ Prov 24:27

There are many different elements to a healthy small group. While you might select solid curriculum and provide tasty snacks, if you are a poor facilitator people will visit and not come back to your group. Here are a few basic tips to sharpen your facilitation skills.