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How to Equip Your Small Group to Serve

One of the signs of a healthy small group is a group that serves. What do I mean by “serves”? I mean that the group members all have an active role in serving the needs of the group, the group members serve at their church, and they serve in the community. In this post I explain how a small group facilitator can equip the people in his group for service and ministry.

How to Equip Your Small Group to Serve

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I. A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO THE SMALL GROUPS PHILOSOPHY AT OUR CHURCH[ref]This material is based on David Ward Miller’s material that he has provided to me and to use to lead our LIFEGroups ministry. Material under this section is a copyright of David Ward Miller.[/ref]

A. Quick Review of our “LIFE” LIFEGroup Culture

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God and the Lamb Are Praised (Rev 7:9-17)


A. Past Lessons

B. Text of Rev 7:9-17

“9After this I looked and behold: A great crowd which no one was able to count. The crowd was from every ethnicity, nation, people, and language and stood before the throne and before the Lamb wearing white robes and held palm branches in their hands. 10They cried out in a loud voice saying, ‘Salvation belongs to our God—the one who sits on the throne—and to the Lamb.’ 11All the angels stood around the throne, the elders, the four living beings, and they fell before the throne on their faces and they worshipped God 12saying, ‘Amen! Praise, honor, wisdom, thanksgiving, reverence, power, and strength to our God forever and ever. Amen!’ 13Then one of the elders asked me, ‘Who are these clothed in long white robes and where did they come from?’ 14Then I replied to him, ‘My lord, you know the answer.’ And he said to me, ‘These are the ones coming from out of the great persecution, clothed in their long-flowing robes, and made white through the blood of the Lamb.’ 15This is why they are in front of the throne of God and serve him during the day and during the night in his Temple. The one sitting on the throne will live with them. 16They will not be hungry nor will they be thirsty, nor will the sun fall on them or its burning heat 17because the Lamb in the midst of the throne shepherds them and leads them to the fountain of living water. God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.” (Rev 7:9-17)[ref]Unless otherwise noted, all translations are my own[/ref]


God and the Lamb Are Praised (Rev 7:9-17)

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C. General Remarks

“The verbs in this section are very diverse, combining present, future, aorist, and perfect tenses. There is a great debate as to the temporal orientation of the passages, with some contending for a preterist interpretation (applying to the members of the seven churches), others to a millennial setting, still others to the time just before eternity is ushered in, and finally many to eternity itself” (Osborne, Revelation, 334).

“But, as so often in Revelation (and in Christian thinking generally), present and future overlap and interlock in various confusing ways, and already some of the blessings of the final city are to be experienced by these people – by these people who, John is eager to say, are you, you who are about to suffer in Ephesus, or Smyrna, or Pergamum, or wherever” (Wright, Revelation for Everyone, 75).


A. The Crowd in White Robes (v. 9)


Leaders are glad to serve the needs of others

Leaders are glad to serve the needs of others. Often they are too glad to serve the needs of others.