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When you begin to treasure God’s Word in your heart, you will find that light penetrates the darkness of your surroundings. You will be given a shield against the dangers around you as a result of the memorized Word. God’s Word sealed on your lips will rescue you from despair. Memorizing Scripture will turn discouragement into encouragement. As you hear, read, and study God’s Word, there are certain verses you’ll want to memorize. I’ve known people who had hundreds of verses of Scripture memorized. Without exception, when I ask, “How did you do that?” they answer, “One verse at a time.” First you read the verse repeatedly. You may choose to write it on a card and then take that card with you. You can put it next to your computer screen or on the visor of your car. You can post it on the refrigerator in your kitchen or by the sink so you can memorize while you do dishes.

Charles Swindoll, “Searching the Scriptures” (p. 69)