What I Learned in 2011: Make Family a Priority

Another important lesson I learned in 2011 is to Make Family a Priority.

Balencing Priorities

In 2011 I was reminded again for the need to make family a priority. Similar to yesterday’s post that I need to set my own agenda (before others do), making family a priority happens when I am committed to scheduling my family-time first.

Making family a priority is not easy for most people. For me, I am very driven and an extremely hard worker. Once I get my mind locked on something I work towards it and rarely stop. However, that can be harmful when I allow my dedication to my work creep in on the time I normally have scheduled for family.


Taking a Day Off

Last year I realized that I needed to begin taking one day off a week.  At the time I was working very hard seven days a week, often going many months without taking a day off to rest and relax.  At the time I was a single bachelor with very little family in the area where I lived, so I didn’t really have anyone I would rather spend time with instead of working.  I had work and some friends, but not much else.

At the time I was working eight hours a day at United Way until 5 PM, then I would transition into “A Day of Hope mode” where I would work for the next three hours on fundraising letters, recruiting volunteers, our e-newsletter and social media we had going.  Then, on Saturdays I would often do a fundraiser car wash for A Day of Hope and then Sunday was catch up day on administrative work.


Take Away’s from Choosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley

There’s a group of twelve men who are close to my heart and who I pray for on a daily basis. Most of the men I’ve never met, but I feel that I know them through their books and teaching lessons.

One of these men is Andy Stanley. Many of his leadership teachings seem to resonate with me so much. Many times I read his books or listen to his leadership lessons and feel as if he prepared that specific lesson or book just for me!

Another one of these times came when I read one of his books entitled, Choosing to Cheat: Who Wins When Family and Work Collide?
Choosing to Cheat is a short 100 page book with a simple message that leaders will be forced to “cheat” in their lives. They’re going to have to “cheat” their family out of the time which they deserve for the sake of working hard and becoming successful. Or the leader is going to have to “cheat” work out of the duties and responsibilities that the leader should or could do, in order to maintain the time needed for his family.