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Pray for the members of your group every day. Pray that the curriculum you will be using will speak to your group and transform their lives to look more like Christ. Also pray that God would prepare you and your heart to facilitate a discussion that helps people grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

Facilitator Tip 22 - Soak Your Group Members and Curriculum in Prayer


T.A.L.K. to God about Your Group

When you pray to God about your group, follow the T.A.L.K. process.

Thank God for Your Group and the People He Has Sent to You

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Prayer should play a strong role in the life of a leader. Any leader who has attempted to achieve great things has realized that he cannot do it alone. Instead, he needs the guidance and support of God. In this post I show you some of the basic ways that the apostle Paul relied on prayer during his ministry.

The Role of Prayer for LeadersPhoto Credit: Anggie


A couple of weeks ago my wife and I saw “War Room.” It is a fantastic movie. I have seen previous movies by the Kendrick brothers (Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous) and this is perhaps the best. Below is a brief summary of the movie as well as some reflections on the movie based on the Bible.

A Review of the Movie War Room


The movie, “War Room” is based on the prayer and life of an elderly African-American woman, Mrs. Williams.[1] The movie revolves around what Mrs. Williams called her “War Room.” That war room was her prayer room in her home. The war room was a closet within an unoccupied room, it had a chair, prayers taped to the wall, Scriptures taped to the wall, a lamp, and a Bible. Continue Reading…

Why I Like Quiet Time

September 25, 2011

One of my favorite parts of the day are the hours from 4:30 AM to 6 AM. 


Because that’s my quiet time.

What’s my quiet time look like?  It means I get to have some time by myself to enjoy a cup of coffee, journal, read my bible, pray, and do any important tasks I “must do” for the day.  Those two hours are the best part of my day because they are time for myself and time for God. Continue Reading…