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Trinitarianism: The Holy Spirit

God the Father is clearly revealed throughout the Old Testament and the New Testament places the focus on our Savior Jesus Christ. So often it is easy to forget that the Holy Spirit is here with us now on earth. He baptizes us, indwells us, and guides us. In effect, the Holy Spirit is be the most real person of the Godhead that we interact with and experience. Let’s take a look at the third member of the Godhead: the Holy Spirit.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: “Holy Trinity” by Hendrick van Balen

The Holy Spirit

I. THE HOLY SPIRIT IS GOD[ref]This outline on the Holy Spirit is adapted from some notes I received from J. Scott Horrell while I was a student at Dallas Theological Seminary[/ref]

First, I want to show you how the Holy Spirit is God. Similar to the doctrine of Jesus Christ, there is direct evidence and indirect evidence that the Holy Spirit is God.

A. Direct Evidence in the Old Testament

1. Specific Mentions of “Holy Spirit”

There are three specific mentions of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament. There are many other references to him as “the Spirit of God,” “God’s Spirit,” or “the Lord’s Spirit”, but the words “Holy Spirit”, only occur three times in the Old Testament. Those three occurrences are in Psalms and Isaiah. In Psalm 51 David acknowledged his sin with Basheba. In the process of confessing that sin to God he asked God,