Nehemiah’s Model for Creating an Inspiring Mission

I want to encourage you to create an inspiring mission for your city, nonprofit, church, or company. Why? Because in my experience I know that when you create an inspiring mission good things happen because people want to get involved and help.

My goal is for you to learn how to create an inspiring mission. As you may know I have experience running nonprofit programs, leading volunteers, and fundraising money to help make a difference in communities.

Nehemiah’s Model for Creating an Inspiring Mission

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In 2005 I started a nonprofit program that fed more than 5,000 people in five years. Additionally, I worked at the United Way of Stanislaus County for six years raising funds to support community and coordinating volunteer groups. Together I’ve spent eight years working to improve the communities I’ve worked in, mostly through the nonprofit industry.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed doing over the past two years is studying the biblical book of Nehemiah in light of the work being done to transform and improve communities. Through this study I have observed some things Nehemiah did that can be transferred to our current context and cities. I would like to share with you just one principle that you can do and when you do do it, it can transform your city.

Let’s look at the book of Nehemiah to read two verses and see what it can teach us about how to be leaders who transform the city we live in. But, before we look at those two verses, let me start with a story.

Leadership Mission Statements

How to Create an Inspiring Mission

Working with volunteers can be one of the most beneficial and important elements to an organization’s success, but it also can greatly impede the work of an organization if not done correctly. In this post I will show you how to create in inspiring mission for your organization that will help to recruit and keep people engaged and passionate about the work your organization does.

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How do I know how to create an inspiring mission? I know how to do this because I have practiced it for five years while leading a nonprofit program called, A Day of Hope. For five years I worked with volunteers, donors, and the community of Turlock to feed over 1,000 families for Thanksgiving. This was a massive amount of work and it required a lot of help from a large number of volunteers.


My Sense of Call

The purpose of my life is to be a leading servant who spreads God’s love around the world.


I do that by serving and helping leaders. That sense of call for ministry comes from when I attended a training on how to lead small groups at our church. I was originally at that training because I wanted to create a small group of guys who would study leadership from the Bible and spend time getting to know each other.

I wanted to create a group of Christian guys who have leadership potential and want to lead. While at that small group training I felt God tell me, “Christopher, I want you to go to make leaders of everyday men and women.” Before this happened I already had a good feel for my sense of calling. I had been involved in leading a volunteer based program for five years, and I had personally seen the difference that good leadership has on a program. Therefore I was at the small group training to learn to train leaders, and what God shared with me was a tremendous encouragement that I was walking along the correct path.