Living as Citizens of Heaven (Philippians 3:17-21)

One of the Christian doctrines that I love the most is believers’ citizenship in heaven. The book of Philippians references this doctrine in Phil 1:27 and 3:20. In today’s post the idea of Christians being citizens of heaven will be explained in detail.

Living as Citizens of Heaven (Philippians 3:17-21)

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A. Summary of Past Lessons

In the last several weeks we have looked at Paul’s past (Phil 3:1-11) and his current circumstances (Phil 3:12-16). Now we look at his future (Phil 3:17-21).

B. The Text of Phil 3:17-21

17Brothers and sisters, be fellow imitators of me, and follow in the path of those who walk in the path we gave you. 18For many live—as I have told you before (but now with tears in my eyes)—as enemies of the cross of Christ, 19who will be annihilated, whose God is their appetite and glory is in their shame, who are focused on worldly things. 20But we are citizens of heaven and from that place we await our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ 21who will transform our humble body into a similar form of his glorious body by the power that allows him to dominate all things.

Coaching Leadership

Preparing for Being Mentored

Yesterday I wrote about The Need for Being Mentored. Now for some follow up thoughts from yesterday’s post showing you how I prepare for meetings with my mentors.

Preparation is a key element to any leader getting the most out of his mentoring relationship. Whenever I meet with Steve or Mike, we never get together unless I have provided them with 5 – 10 pages of preparation notes several days before our meeting.