How to Keep the Correct Biblical Perspective

With the assessment I have provided in my past three blog posts of Deere’s view of revelation and prophesy in light of the Old Testament’s teaching on prophesy, it is important to note the perspective a reader must have of Deere’s arguments.

In summary, here are the three blog posts I have shared about Deere’s book, Surprised by the Voice of God:

In the book, Who Needs Theology? Stanley Grenz and Roger Olson say Christian theology is “reflecting on and articulating the God-centered life and beliefs that Christians share as followers of Jesus Christ, and it is done that God might be glorified in all Christians are and do.” Even though people might disagree with Deere and his position on the active role of the Holy Spirit today it is important to note that he does what he does and says what he says in order to bring glory to God.

His book and advocacy for the presence of the Holy Spirit is done so that people will be drawn closer to God which matches the purpose of Christian theology to glorify God. Throughout Deere’s book he states that he—similar to modern evangelicals—believes that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible, revelation of God. This, of course, is an essential evangelical doctrine on which many can agree with him.

Furthermore, by the “fruit” of prophesy, Deere regularly points out the fact that these visions, dreams, words of knowledge, and miracles regularly can be used to bring people closer to God. Deere shares story after story that the fruit of the voice of God does bring people closer to Him. This “fruit” is an outcome that all evangelicals claim to be important and essential to living out the Christian faith in a modern world.


Why There are No Prophets in Today’s World

Some people in the 21st century believe that prophets exist today. I lightly touched on this topic in my most recent blog post and will explore this topic further today.

Why There are No Prophets in Today's World

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An examination about whether or not prophets exist today needs to start by looking at the Old Testament version of a prophet.