The Book of Revelation

An Introduction to the Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation is one of the most difficult books to interpret. I like to think of the book of Revelation like a rainbow. From earth we can look into the sky and see a rainbow, but only half of it. Yet, if we go up in a plane we can often see an entire rainbow as one big circle. Our attempts to interpret the book of Revelation are like standing on earth looking at only half of a rainbow. Our position on the earth does not allow us to see the entire rainbow. The same is true for current believers living in the church age before the Tribulation. Because believers are waiting for the events of Revelation 4-22 to start, we can only see a partial interpretation of the works. However, once the events of Revelation 4-22 begin, it will be like looking at the entire rainbow from a plane. Because of someone’s place in the Tribulation they will be able to fully understand and interpret the events of Revelation 4-22.

An Introduction to the Book of Revelation
“St. John at Patmos” by Gustave Dore

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