A Leader Is Godly and a Godly Leader Is Honest

In his 600 page commentary on the Book of Proverbs Tremper Longham III describes a proverb as a “short, pithy saying that offers advice or an observation on the world” (p., 54).

A Leader Is Godly and a Godly Leader is Honest

Today’s blog post continues my series of posts examining the six times the Book of Proverbs mentions the word “leader” or “leadership.” Read the other posts here and here.

Today’s post looks at Proverbs 17:26 which states,

It is wrong to punish the godly for being good
or to flog leaders for being honest (New Living Translation).

Based on my understanding of Biblical Hebrew, a more literal word-for-word translation of this verse is,

Also, it is not good to fine the righteous
to smite leaders on account of their righteousness.

Here’s a breakdown of the words in this text and my examination:

Line 1