Small Groups

How to Experience Biblical Fellowship in Your Small Group

When people gather together in a small group for Bible study the thing that often happens first and most naturally is fellowship among the people in the group. When people gather together they naturally start to get to know each other and build relationships among each other. However, that fellowship needs to be biblical. And if a small group facilitator is not careful to cultivate and maintain biblical fellowship, that can cause issues further down the road in the small group. In this post I show you can maintain biblical fellowship in your small group.

Photo Credit: WELSTech Podcast

Fellowship is “the dynamic that builds and holds a small group together”
Neal McBride, How To Lead Small Groups, p. 25

(serious about loving each other)
[ref]The three main headings to this blog post about “Accord” “Authenticity” and “Action” are based on Dr. David Ward Miller’s “LIFEGroup” material he has asked me to use at our church. This is blog post is based on his framework with me filling in a lot of the details.[/ref]