1 Samuel Bible

Faithfully Serve in Spite of the Leader

Today I am continuing to write about the leadership and following principles we can learn from the life of David when he was a young man who had been anointed to be king, but was still under the rule of King Saul.

This week we are in chapter 18 of 1 Samuel which follow’s David’s triumph of killing Goliath the giant. At this point in time, David and the country of Israel are riding a lot of momentum and are at a high point. Then, we see some troubles that David encounters because of the success he had in defeating Goliath.

If you are not familiar with chapter 18 of 1 Samuel, you can read it in your own Bible or online here.

After studying this chapter in depth, I have created the theme that we as followers should:

Faithfully Serve in Spite of the Leader

In this chapter we see David do exactly that: faithfully serve in spite of Saul.