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Facilitator Tip #8 – Talk Less than 25 Percent of the Time

If there is one piece of coaching that I give to the small group leaders I serve with it is that they need to talk less. Yes, talk less! As a small group facilitator their role is to get other people to talk. Here’s another tip in my series for small group facilitators. 

Facilitator Tip 8 - Talk Less Than 25 Percent of the Time


The number 25 percent is probably too high for many of our small groups. In 2018 I evaluated several aspects of our LIFEGroups ministry at Rocky Hill Community Church. And one thing that stood out to me was that out of the twenty LIFEGroups at our church, ten of them had three to six people in them. Meaning, 50 percent of our small groups at church had three to six people in them. With that said, I started with the 25 percent rule, but the percentage should be smaller as the group gets larger. For example, if your group has ten people in it, then you should talk less than 10 percent of the time.

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