Small Groups

How to Equip Your Small Group to Serve

One of the signs of a healthy small group is a group that serves. What do I mean by “serves”? I mean that the group members all have an active role in serving the needs of the group, the group members serve at their church, and they serve in the community. In this post I explain how a small group facilitator can equip the people in his group for service and ministry.

How to Equip Your Small Group to Serve

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I. A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO THE SMALL GROUPS PHILOSOPHY AT OUR CHURCH[ref]This material is based on David Ward Miller’s material that he has provided to me and to use to lead our LIFEGroups ministry. Material under this section is a copyright of David Ward Miller.[/ref]

A. Quick Review of our “LIFE” LIFEGroup Culture


How to Equip, Delegate, and Empower Volunteers

When leading volunteers how do you know whether you should equip, delegate, or empower them? What is the difference between equipping, delegation, and empowerment?

How to Delegate, Empower, and Equip Volunteers

In today’s post I share why you should equip all volunteers, delegate to most volunteers, and empower only a few.

I. Equipping

A. Definition