1 Samuel Bible

Even a Future King is Not Perfect

We continue our study of the life of David today, but we are taking a turn in how we look at David’s life.

A King
In chapter 29 of 1 Samuel we start to see some of the parts of David that are less admirable and less commonly talked about regarding his character. David was not perfect and he had faults (just as we all do). This chapter brings to light some of those faults.

Let’s catch up with David who is hiding from Saul in the Philistine area under King Achish of Gath. David is hiding because he is fearful that eventually Saul is going to catch and kill him. And there were certainly some times when Saul was close to catching David. David has also been raiding towns and killing the people in those towns who were “kinda” allies of the Philistines, but they were also enemies of Israel.