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Facilitator Tip #6 – Keep a Good Study Bible Nearby

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Great Study Bibles

Which study Bible you have is not as important as the fact that you have one which you regularly use. I recommend the following study Bibles:

Small Groups

Four Tips for Using Wiersbe Bible Study Guides

The Wiersbe Bible study guides are my favorite tool I suggest small groups use to facilitate a discussion of the Bible. You can use the Wiersbe guides for your own personal Bible study, or in a small group Bible study. Whatever format you choose to use the Wiersbe guides in, here are four tips to help you get the most out of them. 

Four Tips for Using the Wiersbe Bible Study Guides


Before doing your Bible study pray to God about what you are going to be reading and studying. Ask God to help you learn his Word (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and ask God to help you apply his Truth (John 17:17).

Praying before you study will prepare your heart and mind for what God is going to have you read, learn, and grow. The prayer does not have to be long or thorough. Just a simple, “God, please help me to learn your Word and apply your Truth” is sufficient. 


Practices for Effective Bible Study and Teaching

In 2009 I endeavored my first attempt teaching a Bible study. It was for a men’s Bible study consisting of myself and three other men of various ages. I began leading us through the book of Nehemiah and then we spent half of a year looking at the fifteen years of David’s life before he became king.

Practices for Effective Bible Study and Teaching

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This experience teaching the Bible showed me two things:

  1. I loved teaching the Bible.
  2. I had to improve my ability to study and teach the Bible.

Recently I read the book, The Christian Educator’s Handbook on Teaching. It was a great book which outlined ten tips that can help you study and teach the Bible better.

1. Be a diligent Bible student (pp. 269-272).
Every teacher should carefully study the Bible because the Bible helps the teacher grow spiritually, it guides him, guards him against sin, and encourages the teacher to move toward spiritual maturity.


How to Use Colored Pens to Study the Bible

The first step to effective Bible study is to observe what is in God’s word. I know of no better way to observe what is in God’s word than by using colored pens while reading the Bible.

For years I have used a system of five different colors of pens to observe what is in God’s word. In this post, I will show you how to use specific colors to distinguish different elements of God’s word in order to make the most of your Bible study time.