Gaining and Sustaining Momentum

A couple of years ago I received some audio CDs from a workshop Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley did on the topic of momentum at Catalyst One-Day. I found the teachings they shared to be very beneficial and encouraging as a leader.

Over the next few days I will be sharing with you some of the notes I took while listening to their talks. The format will be that I write a statement they shared in their talk, then I will elaborate on each statement a little to explain it to you.

I hope you find this series of posts beneficial to you as we learn about momentum together.

Gaining and Sustaining Momentum 
Andy Stanley

Three things that trigger momentum:

  1. New
  2. Improved
  3. Improving

The basis of Andy’s talk is that there are three things that trigger momentum. Something that is new, something that already exists which is improved, or something that is currently operating and is improving. All of those create momentum because we live in a society where we do not like to see things stay the same. We like to see things change, improve, and become better.