Don’t Be That Couch

Today is the final post in my series of posts sharing what I learned about momentum from the Catalyst One-Day event taught by Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley. 

Andy Stanley‘s talk in the final session of the Catalyst One-Day Conference was mostly focused on programing. Specifically, he talked about how programming can become part of our organizational culture which leads us to focus on our programing, not the people we try to serve. Over time this can cause us to lose sight of the mission and people we are attempting to serve because we are so focused on our programing. 

Andy starts out the talk with the example of an old beat up couch that the family does not want to get rid of because of the memories and history of the couch. And he uses that as an analogy for his talk about how we need to be focused on our mission and the people we serve, not on the past history we want to preserve.

Andy Stanley

Programming is the answer to a question or a need.

All programming that takes place in an organization should be an answer to a need of the people we are trying to serve. Or, programming can be an answer to a question we have about who needs served and if we can serve them this way. Programming is a way of attempting to answer that question by creating a product or service.