1 Samuel Bible

Why have we hurt the Lord’s anointed one?

In our study of David we take a slight shift today. Today’s blog post is a little different because we are digging deeper and seeking to discover what is going on inside of us. We already know from 1 Samuel 24 that we should, Never Hurt the LORD’s Anointed One. But today we are going to look for why we do what we do, specifically, why we might hurt our leader.

Hurt and Pain
The book of 2 Samuel begins after David is sent home from the Philistine army because the commanders do not trust that he will fight against the Israelites. The Philistines and Israelites go into battle against each other and the result of that battle is that Saul, the king of Israel, and all of his sons die.

Now that Saul is dead there is no king of Israel. Saul’s sons have also died with him in battle, so there is no direct heir to the throne. Many people at that time knew that David had been anointed years earlier to become king of Israel, and some people believed that David was the next in line to be king.