A Synoptic Study of the Book of Acts

I regularly hear from blog readers that my posts about Bible charts are very helpful for people attempting to study and understand the Bible.

On this blog I have shared charts and studies on the books of:

Even though some of my methods of creating Bible charts have slightly changed since I wrote those posts (the main change is that I try to keep everything on one page), I still find it helpful for me to create a chart of a Bible book when I study it.

In today’s post I share a chart for the book of Acts (below), but first I would like to point you to some great blog posts I found around the web about leadership and the book of Acts. Here’s a brief compilation:

A Chart of the Book of Acts

Chart of Acts (pdf version)
When I create Bible charts I follow the method taught to me by Dr. Elliott Johnson at Dallas Theological Seminary. A synoptic study Bible chart should include:

  1. A Summary Message of the Entire Book
  2. A Brief Outline of the Book
  3. Structural Markers
  4. Theological Themes

Question: What features should I have included in this chart of Acts? What element did you find the most helpful? 

By Christopher L. Scott

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