Solid, stable churches are not built in a day. When God wants to make a mushroom he takes six hours. When God wants to build an oak tree he takes sixty years. Do you want your church to be a mushroom or an oak tree?

Rick Warren, “The Purpose-Driven Church” (p. 141)

You wonder why God doesn’t remove temptation from your life? If he did, you might lean on your strength instead of his grace. A few stumbles might be what you need to convince you: His grace is sufficient for your sin.

Max Lucado, “In the Grip of Grace” (p. 137)

Read the Bible as God’s love letter to you. Read the words repeatedly. Read them aloud. If you were in my study, you would hear me having conversations with God about what He has written. I talk to Him, and I interact with His words. That’s the way I get to know the Scriptures-and the way to know God!

Charles Swindoll, “Searching the Scriptures” (p. 97

The vision of any church always fades with time unless it is reinforced.

The Christian Journal October 2020

Those who keep secrets from God keep their distance from God. Those who are honest with God draw near to God.

Max Lucado, “In the Grip of Grace” (p. 124)

You can never reach the correct interpretation of the Scriptures until  you’ve taken sufficient time to discover what the Bible is saying. Learning what has been written must always precede finding out what it means. Interpretation hinges on thorough, careful observation.

Charles Swindoll, “Searching the Scriptures” (p. 80)