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Facilitator Tip #9 – Read the Notes in the Back of Your Discussion Guide

I am continuing my series of blog posts giving tips for small group facilitators. 

Facilitator Tip 9 - Read the Notes in the Back of the Discussion Guide


Most small group discussion guides will have some “leader notes” in the back of the guide to help the facilitator know what to expect during the discussion each week and how to prepare for the discussion. Be sure to read those notes during your preparation time for your small group (it is best to look at these notes after you have already worked through the lesson on your own).

When using the Chip Ingram DVD study guides look for the “session notes” in the back of the guide. Those “session notes” are specific tips for you as a facilitator to help facilitate the discussion that week. There are no notes in the back of the Wiersbe guides, but the supplemental “BE” commentary serves as good preparation notes to help the facilitator know the answers to some of the questions the group might have about the text[ref]If you are facilitating a DivorceCare or GriefShare LIFEGroup, then you will want to consult the leader guides for those groups where are excellent resources.[/ref]

Utilizing the notes provided in the back of your discussion guide or the commentary by Warren Wiersbe will help you do a better job facilitating a small group and ultimately make your work easier.

By Christopher L. Scott

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