December Biblical Studies Carnival

For the December Biblical Studies Carnival I am sharing posts from the four categories that I write about: Bible, theology, small groups, and leadership. Enjoy!




  • Disciple Making in Small Groups. As usual, Allen White provides some biblical and practical tips. 
  • Five Ways to Evaluate Group Health. Reid Smith is the small groups pastor of a large healthy church. In this blog post he gives some good tips for not just looking at how many groups you have, but how healthy they are.
  • The Future of Disciple Making. Another great post from Allen White, a guy that has been in the trenches doing small groups and disciple making for a couple decades.
  • Cinnamon Rolls and Wild Truck Rides. A good reminder that disciple making is about building relationships with people and not seeing them as projects.
  • The Oreo Method of Discipleship. Another great video and tip for doing small group ministry by Kiersten Telzerow.
  • The Seven Basics to Develop in Those You Disciple. A great summary of some of the basic things that we need to help Christians grow.
  • Five Things to Do in January to Connect More People in 2019. Mark Howell always gives great small group tips.
  • Update Your Resume. An interesting point in the post that “you haven’t made a disciple until your disciple has made a disciple.”


  • Question: Is there an article or blog post I missed? If so, leave a comment below with a link.

Next month Jim West will be hosting the January Biblical Studies Carnival.

By Christopher L. Scott

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