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Intense, organized prayer alone with God in the morning prepares us to breathe those quick, silent prayers that are needed so often throughout the day.

Jerry Bridges, “True Community” (p. 38)

If you asked your kids each night what they would like to have for dinner, chances are your family would exist on a steady diet of pizza, ice cream, and cake. If you always ask your group members what type of study they would like to do next, you may end up with a diet that is just as imbalanced as the meals your kids choose.

Steve Gladen, Leading Small Groups with Purpose (pp. 114-115)

This journey of following Christ as his disciple is a lifelong one. Anything less is a Christless Christianity. Without the reality of following Jesus, Christianity is just a religious philosophy.

Bill Hull, “The Complete Book of Discipleship” (p. 107)

We submit to accountability when we have a passion to please God. Accountability means submitting ourselves to at least one other person. That individual has permission to ask any question and keep us honest about life.

Bill Hull, in “The Complete Book of Discipleship” (p. 31)

Small group leaders need to involve themselves in the lives of other people just as Christ did. Leaders also need to allow group members to be involved in their life. Ideally, all group members will be helping each other to grow and take spiritual next steps.

Steve Gladen, in “Leading Small Groups with Purpose” (p. 45)