Communication Leadership

8 Tips for Communicating Better

Leaders must communicate and communicate well because the main way they can cast their vision, problem solve, and teach the people they lead is through communication.

Communication to Others

Over the past four years, I have given over 100 talks a year. Most of these have been as part of my job at the United Way of Stanislaus County where I talk about our work and ask people to pledge money to support us. Some might argue that a request for donations talk is the most difficult to give, thus meaning I have had to become very skilled and tactful in my communication.

Communication Leadership

4 Reasons Leaders Must Communicate

CommunicationOne of the main roles of a leader is to communicate.

Or, perhaps I should say that one of the main roles of a leader is to communicate exceptionally well. Because of the nature of leadership being about setting vision, guiding people to get there, and working through issues along the way, communication becomes a key part of that that process of leadership. Whether a leader primarily communicates in person to her team, by email, video, or even blog posts, the important thing is that a leader communicate well.


6 Ways to Improve Your Communication

The past couple of years I have done a lot of public speaking.  Last year I gave 108 talks and the year before gave 118.

Most of these were shorter talks from five to ten minutes, but they were talks where I needed to prepare a message and deliver it to an audience.  Some of my audiences were as large as 120 people while others were as small as four people.

Along the way I’ve learned some key facts about communication that I’ve had to implement.  And you, as my Learning Leadership readers get to read it first before anyone else.

1) Prepare Yourself

I never go to a talk that I haven’t prepared myself for.  I need to make sure I’ve slept enough the night before, that I’m well groomed, and I have my outlined prepared.