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There are certain life events where you are thrust into new levels of exciting responsibly. It might be having a baby, getting married, or accepting your first job. Every person has gone through these new exciting responsibilities in life. And with those exciting new responsibilities comes a new description, a new role that you have to fulfill. For me, one of those was purchasing a home.

For more than five years my wife and I lived in apartments while we were married. Living in apartments was nice because you paid you rent once a month and that’s the only money you worried about. If something broke in the apartment you made a phone call and they came out and fixed it. Your bills were always the same. But, when you own a home you have to be ready because if something breaks you have to pay to fix it.

Last December (a month that is normally tight for us financially already), our oven and stove top burners stopped working. So we bought a new oven. Then about a week later the motor in our heater seized up, so we had to pay to have that fixed. Then a week later I walked out into the garage one morning and there was water dripping through the sheetrock into our garage because a pipe had busted. It was three large repairs to take care of in just three short weeks. And it hurt to have to spend that much money. Thankfully we had saved some money into an emergency fund for occasions such as that, but it still hurt to have to spend that money.

But, spending that money is okay, because part of owing a home requires us to do things that that. It’s part of the description of a homeowner. Likewise, when we become a Christian we have certain “descriptions” of what we are supposed to do. In Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians we describes for them three descriptions of what their live in Christ should look like. Continue Reading…