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Today’s post is the fourth part of a six-part series exploring the question: What makes Christian leadership distinctly “Christian” and what makes Christian leadership distinctly “leadership?”. This week we will study this question and I hope to receive feedback from you in the comments section.

What makes Christian leadership 'Christian' and what makes christian leadership 'leadership'


Perhaps the strongest distinctions of Christian leadership are service and sacrifice.

The concepts of service and sacrifice go back to Jesus who served and sacrificed for the people he led. In his article, “Leaders as Servants: a Resolution of the Tension,” Derek Tiball writes, “Christian leadership is meant to be different from other forms of leadership because Christian leaders are called to be servants.”[1] Serving others while in leadership is definitely different than the world where power and influence are held closely by those who have it and desired and envied by those who do not have it. This concept of serving others is difficult because “our fallen human instincts seek power, wealth, status, and influence. Servant leadership is thus quite unnatural for fallen human beings. Thinking like a servant-leader requires a new mindset; acting as a servant-leader requires empowerment by the Holy Spirit.”[2] Continue Reading…

Today is part three of my three part series entitled, A Pastoral Leader is a Servant. If you missed the last two days, you can read part 1 and part 2 to catch up.

A Pastoral Leader is a Servant

Leadership expert John C. Maxwell specifically refers to 1 Peter 5:2 when he shares in The Maxwell Leadership Bible that “A leader is called to be . . . a minister to the people.”[1]  We are called to minister to and serve people as a leader.

That statement comes from a man who has written 56 books (mostly about the topic of leadership), led three different churches, and founded a nonprofit organization which has served over 3 million leaders around the world.[2]  Coming from Dr. Maxwell, an important element of a pastoral leader is to serve and minister to people. Continue Reading…

Leaders are glad to serve the needs of others. Often they are too glad to serve the needs of others. Continue Reading…