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Knowing the cultural background of a biblical text is essential to properly understanding the meaning of the text and how it relates to our current world. In an effort to bring as much meaning as possible to a previous series of blog posts I wrote about the apostle Paul and his leadership (see the links at the bottom of this post) I am sharing some crucial cultural background information about slavery in the book of Philemon.

How Slavery in Rome Impacts Leadership Meaning in Philemon

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The focus of this background information is on slavery and the context of slavery in Paul’s time: the first century world of Rome. The biblical book of Philemon was an original letter written by the apostle Paul, to a man named Philemon. The short letter was designed to encourage Philemon to graciously accept Onesimus, a previous runaway slave, and to put Onesimus to work in God’s ministry. Continue Reading…

Today’s post is the final of 4 blog posts from the book of Philemon about how a leader extends his or her influence for the benefit of his or her follower.

A Leader Extends His Influence for the Benefit of His Follower

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Similar to Paul, I can utilize my influence among others based on what I have done for the community as a whole (serving the needs of families, similar to Paul serving the church). Continue Reading…