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What does the Bible say about leadership? The Bible can be used as a textbook for leadership because it can be seen as a history of God raising those who led his people according to his will. 1

Joshua's Example of Growth in God's Word

This is the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament) which Joshua advocated so strongly for his people to follow and obey. This picture was taken at the Dallas Holocaust Museum in 2014 of a Torah scroll discovered in Nazi possession.

This is the first of three blog posts where I will share the biblical history of three leaders and their unique characteristics that reflect a biblical philosophy of leadership.

Joshua’s Example of Growth in God’s Word

The example of Joshua displays the growth of a leader in God’s Word. That growth started in the book of Deuteronomy. Addressing the nation of Israel Moses declared, Continue Reading…


  1. Andrew Seidel, Charting a Bold Course: Training Leaders for the 21st Century (Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers, 2003), 25.

I am twenty eight years old, and I need to develop into the leader that God has designed me to be. This Leadership Development Plan (LDP) will be the tool I use to grow as a leader in my future ministry contexts based on my personality, gifts, and learning styles.

My Leadership Development Plan

The three books I used for my Leadership Development Plan: Maximizing Your Effectiveness (Malphurs), Being Leaders (Malphurs), Building Leaders (Malphurs & Mancini)

This plan was developed in a class I took with Aubrey Malphurs, Ph.D. at Dallas Theological Seminary. Even though this plan might be personal I hope it can serve you as a sample to help you create your own leadership development plan.

A. My Design

1. My Divine Design

According to Andrew Seidel’s book, Charting a Bold Course, my DISC personality profile labels me as a High S. S stands for “Steadiness” which means that I act patiently, want routine, fear change, and respond with nonparticipation.(p. 79) This is good because it means when heading in the direction I think God wants me to go in, I will not give up easily. Continue Reading…

To lead people well you must help them learn along the way. As a leader, you are responsible to always be growing and to assist your team in their growth too.

Meaningful Learning and Schema Theory in Communication

Photo Credit: CollegeDegrees360

While reading the book, The Psychology of Learning for Instruction, author Marcy Driscoll provides three tips for leaders to help them teach their team. (This is in the context of you–the leader–being the person who is communicating the teaching material.) Continue Reading…

Throughout my life I have worked hard to compile the best advice possible from anyone who would give it to me. While listening to a CD from the John Maxwell Maximum Impact Club back in 2009, I heard a tip that a leader should sit down and create a list of the best advice ever received.

Photo Credit:  swanksalot

Photo Credit: swanksalot

So I sat down and wrote out some of the best wisdom people have shared with me. Continue Reading…

I often talk quite a bit about what I'm reading, what I'm learning and how I'm growing. One of my favorite types of blogs posts is sharing with you what I learned from reading an outstanding book or attending an amazing conference.

One of the authors I read and listen to regularly is Mark Sanborn. On Thursday he wrote a great post entitled, On Growth: Be a River.

In the post he shares how some of his successful friends and colleagues have invested heavily in their growth and how they pass on what they learned.

After reading the post I realized successful people grow and share what they know!

Give Mark's writing a full read here and learn more about how successful people grow and what they do with what they know.

PS – Mark, if you're reading I love your blog content, but I can't wait for your next book!