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As I have spent time revising, updating, and adding information to my series of blog posts (see links below) about the book of Philemon I have realized that an updated review of who the letter was written to is required. Why? Because who a letter is written to dramatically impacts how we interpret the meaning of the letter. And if we are gong to interpret this letter with a leadership focus we must know who the letter was written to.

The Audience to Which the Letter to Philemon is Written

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In order to bring the utmost accuracy to my series of blog posts about the apostle Paul’s leadership style displayed in the letter to Philemon, I would like to share some important background information about the audience to which the book of Philemon was written to. Continue Reading…

A couple years ago I wrote a series of blog posts about the Apostle Paul and how he displayed specific leadership characteristics in the book of Philemon. However, looking back on those posts now, I do not believe that I provided adequate background information on the Apostle Paul. Because of that, some of the leadership principles might have been missed.

Background Information on the Apostle Paul and His Leadership in Philemon

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At the bottom of this post I’ve provided links to my four posts about Philemon and Paul’s leadership. However I’ve shared in today’s post some significant background information on the Apostle Paul to help you see how his leadership was displayed in the book of Philemon. Continue Reading…