The Sabbath: Your Story

October 25, 2012

Today’s post is the final part in a three part series about the benefits of a Sabbath. You can read the previous two posts here:

  1. The Sabbath: God’s Story
  2. The Sabbath: My Story

Today’s post focuses on you and your story about the benefit of the Sabbath of taking one day off per week.

The Sabbath

The main reason I have dedicated three entire days of blogging (and close to 3,000 words of writing) is that the Sabbath has the ability to give you a,

  • new outlook on life because of a new lifestyle
  • new ability to focus on your work while you are working because you know you are eventually going to have a day off
  • new ability to not focus on work while you are not working because you know you have a day off to relax and will be working the next day

The word “Sabbath” is derived from the Hebrew word which means to “cease” and “desist.” In ordinary terms, the Sabbath basically means a one day break each week from normal work and tasks. These are items such as work for your job, household chores, cooking, etc.

The activities you do or do not do on the Sabbath are up to you and vary depending on your lifestyle. However, I am not sure if there is a specific right or wrong thing to do on the Sabbath that can be applied to all people everywhere.

With that said, I believe the Sabbath teaches two things to leaders:

  1. It teaches you to trust God to provide: When taking one day off per week there is an element of trust you must have for God to help get the work done that needs to get done. Many times I have went to bed Saturday night (my normal Sabbath day is Sunday) knowing that there was work I needed to get done before Monday which was not complete. When things like that happen, it takes trust in God to have Him organize things in order for them to work out. Interestingly, when I stay committed to taking that Sabbath day, things always work out.
  2. It teaches you to focus on God: If you are like me, when you finally start taking days off, you suddenly have lots of free time and do not know what to do with it. As a result, the simple act of taking time off gives mental space for you to think about God, who He is, and what He is doing in your life. This is perhaps the best practice of the daily Sabbath: free time to think and focus on God.

Question: What is your story of taking a Sabbath?

Christopher L. Scott

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Christopher Scott is Small Groups Pastor at Rocky Hilly Community Church in Exeter, CA. He has more than ten years of experience leading volunteers, running nonprofit programs, and teaching the Bible in small group settings. He holds a bachelor's degree from Fresno Pacific University and master's degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

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