Review of Fred 2.0 by Mark Sanborn

March 18, 2013

This life is long, so why not make it extraordinary? Why not do things with excellence, sincerity, and a grateful heart of service?

Photo Credit: David Balentine

Photo Credit: David Balentine

I ask those rhetorical questions because I am excited about the release of the book, Fred 2.0: New Ideas on How to Deliver Extraordinary Results by Mark Sanborn. I have read several of Mark’s previous books and they are all extraordinary.

Fred 2.0 is a follow up to Mark’s book, The Fred Factor, released in 2004. Fred 2.0 is not a “trailer book” attempting to ride the waive of momentum from The Fred Factor. Instead, it digs much deeper into the story of the man named “Fred,” Sanborn’s mailman who originally inspired the book. This book also shares more details, ideas, and strategies that everyday Christ followers such as you and I can practice to do great work.

In, Fred 2.0 I really appreciate two of Mark’s quotes on the topic of passion as it relates to being extraordinary:

  1. “Passion should come before profit.” (p. 43) This is true. Back in 2007, I accepted a position working at the United Way of Stanislaus County which paid me about half of what I made before. I accepted the position because it matched up with my passion to serve and help others in poverty, which my previous job did not allow me to do. I agree with Mark that passion should come before profit!
  2. “Passion isn’t a substitute for competence. Passion can’t replace hard work. Passion can’t be swapped for commitment. Passion isn’t more important than value.” (p. 48) This is important, because passion must be followed by hard work and persistence. Passion is the fuel to get you going and to keep you going, but you must make it happen on your own.

In Fred 2.0, Sanborn also shares four benefits of being extraordinary which I believe are relevant to the Biblical Leadership Blog readers. These four benefits are:

  1. Extraordinary brings us delight
  2. Extraordinary sets us apart
  3. Extraordinary defends our position
  4. Extraordinary determines our happiness and success

One of the reasons I love Mark Sanborn’s books is that he often delivers a positive and encouraging message within the context of reality. He helps install belief in readers that they can do their job well and lead well, meanwhile also realizing the realities that leaders will face in life.

I also love Mark’s books (and this book, Fred 2.0) because they contain messages that have a biblical root. For example, Sanborn’s message of doing work with excellence (Colossians 3:17), respecting your boss (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13) , and treating others kindly (Matthew 22:26-40) are all messages we can trace directly to the Bible.

Question: What are the reasons that you attempt to be extraordinary in your life and work?

3/25/13 Update: Since the release of Fred 2.0 and this blog post there have been several other bloggers providing reviews. Here’s some links to other bloggers providing their thoughts on the book:

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  1. Thanks for doing this review, I’m looking forward to reading his updated version!

  2. You are welcome, Mark. Keep writing the great books and I will keep writing the reviews.