More Jim Collins Notes from the Catalyst Leadershp Conference

October 14, 2011

I took lots of notes when Jim Collins spoke at the Catalyst Conference in 2008.  Here’s part two of a post I wrote a while back sharing some of the significant and beneficial things he said.

It’s not about being a leader, it’s about being a great leader

Amen!  The one thing our world needs more of is great leaders!  Everyone with a leadership title is technically a leader, but not everyone who has a leadership title is a true leader.  Leadership is tough, and I’m convinced that there are very few great leaders in the world.  I’m not sure if I’m considered a great leader, but I hope to be one someday.

Leaders can’t predict what happens, but they can predict who they have on the bus

One of Jim Collins’ main messages is to get the right people on the bus.  He stresses that you should focus on getting the right people on the bus, then figure out where to place them once they are there.  That is an important decision to figure out who should be on the bus.

Work is infinite, but time is finite

One thing I’ve learned in life is that there’s always something that needs to be done.  There’s always one more thing that I “need to get done.”  When we realize work is infinite and time is finite, it will help us to choose the most important activities to focus our time and attention to.  It will help us to focus on what really needs to get done and focus in the areas we can do the most good.

Companies fail because they begin over reaching-they try to do too much and go too far

There’s a fine line between stretching and pursuing goals, and pushing yourself too hard.  There’s a fine line between working hard and burning yourself out.  In 2007 I was guilty of this with A Day of Hope.  I set our goal too high, and because it was so high and so far out of sight, we didn’t even come close to reaching it.  We didn’t even serve the same amount of people as we did the year before.

Question: What is one significant lesson you have learned from Jim Collins? 

On Tuesday Jim released a brand new book based on some new research. (If you can’t see it, click here.)

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