Leadership Learnings from Nehemiah (chapter 9)

November 14, 2011 — Leave a comment

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about leadership from the book of Nehemiah.

In chapter 9 we continue to see the people rejoicing and celebrating the amazing faithfulness of God. The people know they have walked far from God and now because of the amazing great work God has done through them to rebuild the wall, they are coming back to God. Now, the wall has been built which means Nehemiah and the people are no longer in “building mode” but they are in “maintaining mode.”  They are focused on how they can continue to keep what they have been so lucky to receive: a new wall around God’s city.

Knowledge allows the leaders to pray for the people (v. 5). In chapter 9 we see eight Levite leaders who stepped up and prayed for the people. Praying and teaching in teams wasn’t anything new to the people of that day–or to the book of Nehemiah. But what impressed me was the amazing amount of history the Levite leaders recited to the people in the prayer. It was impressive to see how much history and how many stories they were able to recite and tell to the people. There are two points I want to draw out of this that makes it significant:

  1. The Levite leaders teaching in a team allowed them to pray for the people with an amazing amount of history and recollection. A team of people can do what one person cannot. And even though it might have been possible that one man could have memorized all the things that were recited in verses 6-37, it is more likely that a team of them had to each pray for areas and things they could remember.
  2. Since these Levite leaders had such a good recollection of stories and history of their time they were able to pray more powerfully for the people who had gathered. The people had gathered to celebrate the great accomplishment, learn from God, and pray for the future. Because the leaders had worked hard to learn and understand history and God’s faithfulness in the past, that allowed them to pray for the people in a more powerful way and were able to teach them things they wouldn’t have been able to teach any other way.

Question: What leadership lessons have you learned from the book of Nehemiah?

Christopher L. Scott

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