Two Leadership Quotes from Tiger Woods

February 19, 2010

We all have problems and issues.

Things we've done or are doing that we're not proud of. Every single one of us has problems, some are more severe than others.

I know there is a lot of talk going around about Tiger Woods right now. Too much in my opinion. The guy has a problem, did some terrible things (haven't we all did things we're not proud of), and he is now paying the price for those terrible things.

I wrote a worthy post about him a couple years ago which you can read here. Much of what I said there still holds true.

I listened to Tiger's statements today and found two key quotes in what he said:

"It's not what you achieve in life that matters, it's what you overcome."

Some things in life come easy. So it's not what you do, but it's the problems and obstacles that we must overcome to achieve them.

"I am the one who needs to change."

He took responsibility for his actions.

I realize there might not be a whole lot of substance and authority behind these statements, but I believe there is some truth to them both for leaders and golfers.

Christopher L. Scott

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Christopher Scott is Small Groups Pastor at Rocky Hilly Community Church in Exeter, CA. He has more than ten years of experience leading volunteers, running nonprofit programs, and teaching the Bible in small group settings. He holds a bachelor's degree from Fresno Pacific University and master's degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

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3 responses to Two Leadership Quotes from Tiger Woods

  1. I agree with you Christopher. Tiger Woods is human and a man with issues that turn his world upside down. His public appeal to a small selected group of people bored me. I guess that is because I don’t know him on any level and feel he is just another human being that made some bad choices due to his own internal thinking and issues. So whether his appeal came from the heart or not..doesn’t really matter. He still has to deal with the consequences of his actions…he lost creditability with his wife and years from now may still have to deal with how his child will process the entire experience. At the end of the day…no one can avoid the consequences of their behaviors..and/or thinking…It is the law of the land..

  2. I also agree with you, my friend. There has been so much talk the last few days that this was all “staged.” I don’t think many people realized what he was really trying to say or to do. I have a feeling that much of this talk came from his therapy and what they recommended that he do, and that he perhaps genuinely wanted to do. I think more than anything, deep down, he does not want to lose his wife and children, and is now willing to do anything to not lose them. I also believe that he can have a spiritual transformation through all of this.

  3. Christopher Scott February 24, 2010 at 8:12 am

    Thank you both for your contributing to my thoughts on Tiger Woods.
    He made a terrible mistake, and he’ll pay for it the rest of his life.
    I think we’ll need to forgive him for what he did, and hopefully we can see him grow into the man he was meant to be.