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About Christopher Scott

Speaking at the 2013 Lodi Leadership Prayer Breakfast about how leaders can cast a vision for their city and community

My name is Christopher and I write here on the Biblical Leadership Blog. As a visitor to my blog you may be asking, “Why do you have authority and ability to write on biblical leadership?” Let me share with you two reasons I believe I have the authority and ability to write about the Bible and leadership:

  1. I hold a degree in Christian Ministry & Leadership from Fresno Pacific University (FPU). I am a person who has a passion to study the Bible and to understand what is in it. This led me to pursue a degree that would help me understand the Bible better and be able to apply what it teaches to everyday life. My degree in Christian Ministry & Leadership from FPU was a great stepping stone for me to understand the Bible better and see ways to apply what it teaches to every day life. (If you are a Bible student, you would understand this as the effective Bible exposition, exegesis, and hermeneuntics.) In addition to my degree at FPU, I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary.
  2. I founded and led a nonprofit volunteer program for five years that fed families in need for Thanksgiving. My passion for leadership (and the learning lab I used to base a lot of my principles from) stems from my experience leading A Day of Hope. A Day of Hope was a nonprofit volunteer program I founded and led for five years. We would perform fundraising, gather food, and then to distribute that food to families in need for Thanksgiving. This served as the main learning lab (because leading volunteers can be difficult) I have had to base a lot of my leadership writing and learning from. In fact, after leading the program for five years I was able to pass off the program to another set of leaders, and they have continued to serve people in need by distributing food to needy families for Thanksgiving. Before passing on the “baton” to the next group of leaders of A Day of Hope, I self-published a book titled, A Day of Hope, that outlined how to lead a similar nonprofit program.

Based on my experience as a leader and my academic knowledge of the Bible, it is my desire to write about biblical leadership. I hope to provide valuable lessons for you.

Every week I write at least one new blog post. Most of the time they incorporate the Bible and use it as the basis for the material, other posts are more personal and reflective, some might be only focused on what the Bible text says, and others might be a little more focused on business leadership. My goal is to help you learn what the Bible says about leadership so that you can effectively lead in the best way.

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Tools I Use

I love to share with people what “tools” I use to lead other people and to write (fortunately, I use the same items for both activities). Here’s a brief list of the items I use on a daily basis to lead other people and write material.